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  1. Hi there mr coin master I have bein playing their game now for over year I enjoy it but just lately it keeps chucking my out off the game when I am raiding or attacking someone plus when I get the Viking event it does the same why it this I really like playing the game I give 10/10 rating I showed the game to my friends and family and there play it aswell so it is so frustrating to see this happening to me so please could you help me and have a look st the problem I would most appreciate it and please would you get back to me mr Talbot

  2. Before the 20 hammer issues it was 100 and 80 hammers the game owed me but did not give i sent a email but only got 180 spins not my hammers. And useing that 180 spins i got not even one hammer out of 180 spins how is that i would have won my 3000 spins 2 times now also i mean come. On why is this happening to me or other

  3. I need help i dont think its fair that i spend my money on this game and it does me wrong alot i was 7 hammers away of 3000 spins and the game had a big issue i did a super bet of 20 and got nothing why is this game doing this to me this game owes me 3000 spins and i should receive ASAP. But i still give 5 stars even though the game has issues

  4. Hi, I am a member of Coin Master.It’s a great game! Such as Reward Points But they do not get a Golden Card or normal card. Which card The same goes again and again. Can you please give me a sanitation that what can I do for the Golden Card? And what I have to do to get a Golden CardAnd what I have to do to get a Golden Card So please help me so that I get to get a Golden Card and to do my Level Complex. Let me tell you some things.

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