Ranger Challenge Coin

Everyone Enjoys A Good Story

Coin Master Designs is a military veteran owned custom challenge coins company.  Having  personally collected Challenge Coins throughout our time in the military and beyond, it became clear to us that these coins were more than cool pieces of metal.  Each coin has a story to tell, a person who we had a bond with, or holds a value of gratitude that a hallmark card cannot.  It is our intention, as a company, to carry on this tradition.  In a world of technology and immediate gratification, a text, an emoji, an e-card just can’t deliver the message to someone that they are truly appreciated for life.  We believe that handing someone a custom coin that represents YOU in life or business is more powerful and bonding.

Custom Challenge Coins

We at Coin Master Designs provide the industry with a fresh new take on the timeless classic collector’s piece, the Challenge Coin.  Because a custom coin is made to last, we want the design and value of each coin to last for just as long.  We work with our clients on the design and never move to the minting process until they are completely satisfied.  Once sent to production, our master craftsmen take the time to customize and tailor each piece to ensure the final product accurately represents the concept in every detail.  Each piece is presented to the market as a release and the majority of the designs are limited print, limited edition.

Join us at Coin Master Designs and let’s go create a story that lasts a lifetime!