5326 Challenge Coins

It is a little known fact that the foremost precursors of today’s Navy SEALs, the Pacific Underwater Demolition Teams, originated on Oahu’s windward coast at Waimanalo Beach in December, 1943. From that historic moment in time to 1962, where President Kennedy established the first SEAL Teams, the “Men with Green Faces” furthered a fierce reputation that is carried forward with today’s modern day SEAL warrior. 

I created this page to be able to offer my brothers the time honored tradition of the military challenge coin.  As I didn’t want to be seen as taking something from the SEAL commands themselves, I waited for 2 years after starting my coin business before making the first challenge coins.  I FINALLY DID for two reasons.  First, I was continually receiving requests from my fellow brothers who were unable to obtain challenge coins from their past commands for various reasons.  Secondly, I’ve seen the traditional logos and challenge coins start to slip into modern art pieces of junk designed and sold by command techs and civilians who were never SEALs and don’t give a damn about our history.  

I hope that my designs will honor my brothers and eventually become the “official” UDT/SEAL command coins.  I have not released these coins for public availability.  Team Guys will no longer have to look to local gift shop vendors to buy their challenge coins! 

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